by Matthew Ryan

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    releases 14 October 2014

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Suffer No More
God's Not Here Tonight
The First Heartbreak
Heaven's Hill
We Are Libertines
Then She Threw Me Like a Hand Grenade
Until Kingdom Come
This One's for You Frankie
An Anthem for the Broken
If You're Not Happy
*Bonus Track - Then She Threw Me Like a Hand Grenade (Home Recording Demo)
*Bonus Track - The Queen of My Arms


We're proud to announce that the BOXERS digital pre-order is now live! All pre-orders come with an immediate download of the first single & title track, Boxers. The rest of the album will be digitally delivered to you via email on the official release date of October 14, 2014.

In addition to the (11) tracks on the album, there are 2 BONUS TRACKS included in the digital album purchase. One of those tracks was recorded during the BOXERS sessions, and the other is a punkier rawer home-recorded demo version of "Then She Threw Me Like a Hand Grenade."

We've added an option for you to pay more than $11 in response to how many of you have asked how you can help. Making records is still expensive, especially when you do it the way we decided to: self funded, in a proper studio with a great gang of humans collaborating. We're very proud of this record and plan on doing all we can for it over a long period of time. Your purchases are sincerely appreciated, and will help fund our efforts!! Please be patient as the campaign unfolds with physical product, and stay tuned for touring planned with a full band!


releases 14 October 2014

BOXERS was Produced and Mixed by Kevin Salem
Recorded at Applehead Studios, Woodstock NY
Recorded by Chris Bittner & Kevin Salem
with the assistance of David McFarlin
Mastered by Hans DeKline at Sound Bites Dog
All Songs Written by Matthew Ryan copyright 2014 Plastic Violin (BMI)
Except Anthem for the Broken which was completed with the
Arrangement help of Brian Bequette, Kevin Salem & Brian Fallon
Copyright 2014 Plastic Violin (BMI) / Van Rier Music, BMG Rights Management (BMI) / Walleye Surprise (BMI)
Management by Susan R Weber at Ego Management /
Art Direction/Design by Keith Brogdon at Thinking Out Loud Design
Cover Photo by Frankie Fingers

All of Boxers was performed live and in a room by:

Brian Bequette - Bass Guitar
Brian Fallon - Electric Guitar
Joe Magistro - Drums and Percussion
Kevin Salem - Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals, Piano, Hammond, Synth & Amazing Scarfs
Matthew Ryan - Vocals, Electric Guitar and Acoustic Guitar
Everyone Available - Gang Vocals
Tracy Bonham added Violins to Then She Threw Me Like a Hand Grenade and the Queen of My Arms

Boxers is dedicated to John and Amanda Anderson's graceful battle against John's ALS diagnosis, but it's offered to anyone amid a great fight. Here's to all the beauty possible, always.

Without the following this record would not have been possible:

All of my family, my new friends in the wild hills and true winters of Western Pennsylvania, Melis, The Boys, Philip Feemster, Ed Campbell, Kevin Salem, Applehead Studios, Woodstock NY, Brian Bequette, Brian Fallon, Joe Magistro, Tracy Bonham, Gorman Bechard, Sara Nicole, Susan Weber, Chuck Bliziotis, Teresa Ensenat, Clay Steakley, The work of Raymond Carver, Nick Childs, Edgar Heckmann and Blue Rose Records, Steve Karas and Keith Hagan at SKH, Marc and Andrew of Hammock, Hans DeKline, Eric Ambel, Greg Richling, Lucinda Williams, Brandon Sampson, That NJ gang, John and Amanda and the DC gang, Jeff Klein, Todd Ohlhauser, Keith Brogdon, Dana Gordon, Jack Spencer, The Italians; and last but certainly not least: coffee, cool air and that mysterious engine and... You, the listeners!

Kevin Salem uses Warm Audio & Metric Halo Products and wishes to thank: Emily, Lori's Creative Cafe and Mike Birnbaum

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Track Name: Boxers

All is well
All is well
Can't you tell?
Can't you tell?
We sit in parked cars
With exhaust from our pipes
It's too cold for the cops tonight

Oh oh oh Oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh 

I love you all
With all my guts
And even still
It's not enough
We drink our whiskey
In pints at the bar
We sigh and shiver
Under miserable stars
And we say hey
How do you say goodbye
To a dream that just won't die
Is it a feeling or is it a lie?
They kicked us out tonight

Oh oh oh Oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh 

All our heroes
Had no choice
Some busted chords
And a broken voice
A song of justice 
Is no soaring wind you'll hum
It's a faraway dirge
That might never come
'Til we say hey
How do you say goodbye
To a dream that just won't die
Is it a feeling or is it a lie?
Yer a boxer against the ropes
& there's blood running down yer throat
But this is the fight you chose
Here we go

Oh oh oh Oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh

Performed by:

Brian Bequette on Bass
Brian Fallon on Electric Guitar
Joe Magistro on Drums & Percussion
Matthew Ryan on Words & Vocals
Kevin Salem on Electric Guitar & BVG 
All Available on Gang Vocals

Written by Matthew Ryan
Plastic Violin Music BMI
Copyright 2014