Fallen Ash & Embers

by Matthew Ryan

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    releases October 4, 2019

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Warm Lightning
The Last Event


“Later on,
when we’ve all come down
and the streets are just a funeral
and the last event
is fallen ash and embers
we’ll drift and waltz and twist into nothing
we weren’t too bright, my love
but weren’t we something?”
— The Last Event


(Fallen Ash & Embers was mixed for listening via old school “over-the-ear” headphones. But don't fret if you're without a beautiful pair of immersive audio isolation hi-tech ear muffs, these songs will sound wonderful via any system or speakers you listen through due to the beautiful mastering talents of Hans DeKline.)

Fallen Ash & Embers is an EP of 3 brand new songs gathered specifically for the cooler weather of 2019. Two are collaborations, and one is self-penned. This collection is intended as a short film of sorts for the ears. It runs right around 14 minutes from start to finish. It's inspired by the moment we're in, but not tied to. It's more interested in who we'll be after this fever breaks.


As I've said before, streaming is a beautiful tool for discovery. But it's getting harder for middle and working class artists to maintain sustainability in our efforts for our homes and our creative ecosystems. Please read the info about pricing below, I want you to understand why I'm doing it and what my intentions are.

So this EP is priced at $5 for all three songs. $2 per song, if you purchase just one or 2 of the songs. My aim is to treat my main collaborators (writers and arrangers, David Ricketts and Doug Lancio) as equals in this effort, what that means is for each album or song you purchase, right around $1 will go to David Ricketts & Doug Lancio. On a purchase of the full EP, roughly $1 will go to David and Doug, and about $2.20 will go to me. That $2.20 per sale of a full EP is what I will try and earn a living from and pay myself back for what I invested in these recordings, and as compensation for the endless data entry that accompanies the sharing of music these days.

If the numbers look weird or vague, don't forget that there are fees from Bandcamp so they can keep delivering so much independent music. My intent isn't to confuse you, but to try and explain the higher price and where it goes.

Hope all that makes sense. And above all, I hope these songs become good companions. I love this "short film" for autumn I'm offering to you guys. I can't wait to feel it moving along through October with us.


releases October 4, 2019


Fallen Ash & Embers includes performances by Brian Fallon (Backing Vocals on Warm Lightning), David Henry (Cellos on The Last Event), Doug Lancio (Drums, Bass, Guitars, Pump Organ and the Arrangement on Are You the Matador?), David Ricketts (Piano, Pump Organ, Synth and the Arrangement on The Last Event), Clay Steakley (Bass on Warm Lightning), and Molly Thomas (Violins on Warm Lightning).

The cover art for Fallen Ash & Embers was designed by Joe Maiocco. Joe also suggested the title of this collection after hearing its centerpiece, The Last Event.

The cover photo was taken by Frankie Fingers.

Fallen Ash & Embers was mixed by Matthew Ryan, Doug Lancio and David Ricketts.
Mastered by Hans DeKline

Film & Television interests contact Steve Nice at steve@nicemgmt.com

This is DIY music made with hearts and smarts for hearts and smarts.


1. Are You the Matador?
Music by Douglas John Lancio / Doug Lancio Music BMI
Words by Matthew Ryan / Plastic Violin BMI

2. Warm Lightning
Words & Music by Matthew Ryan / Plastic Violin BMI

3. The Last Event
Music by David Ricketts / 48-11 Music ASCAP
Words by Matthew Ryan / Plastic Violin BMI


A giant thank you to the beautiful friends and musicians and artists that gave of themselves to this. And of course, love to my gang. And as always, thank you to YOU who listen and welcome and purchase this music. You make this possible and more rewarding than you might imagine, I'm not talking money, I'm talking about that feel of connectedness, community. Thank you.

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Matthew Ryan Nashville, Tennessee

Matthew Ryan is experiencing a renaissance. It began with Boxers then Hustle Up Starlings in 2017.

His 1997 debut album, May Day, has been celebrated by Paste Magazine as one of the best albums released in the 1990s.

Devotedly independent Ryan continues to grow a sprawling career that's now rich with a long list of beautiful albums and songs.

Find his latest music here.

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Track Name: Are You the Matador?
Are You The Matador?

Are you the matador?
Or are you the bull?
Are you the weapon,
Or a tool?
Or are you a third thing,
Something like air,
That's felt and fluid and moving
Like a water that wasn't there?
There’s the seen and the unknown
The perfect haunting every time
The northern wires that get lost and tangled
Between the heart and the feel and the mind

The maps, books, music, love, the death and sex
Your voice gets lower the further you go
The moon crawls across the bed you sleep in
An orange bird hovers at your window
That's you there, isn't it?
I can see it in your eyes like scars,
The barbed-wire of freedom is
Where the dark blurs fractured and constant and jagged at the edges of The threshold of every star
Where the dark blurs fractured and constant and jagged at the edges of The threshold of every star
You see, the barbed-wire of freedom is
Where the dark blurs fractured and constant and jagged at the edges of The threshold of every star

That's what we are

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